Terms of Interaction 

Last updated: May 2021

These Terms form a legally binding agreement between you and us. Please take the time to read them carefully.

By visiting a Stage on the Kontomo platform and messaging others, including the organizers, artists, and other fellow eventgoers accessing the same Stage, you agree to the following principles:


1. No coercion

We define “no coercion” as the conscious respect for others’ perspectives, letting go, and actively opening paths to stepping away with dignity.

Messages containing language that can be perceived as intending to force actions onto others may be deleted without notice.

Therefore, language containing phrases such as “I demand…,” “You had better…” or common imperatives typically used in advertisements or smart-speaker voice commands such as “Visit this site…” or “Look up that…” are subject to deletion without notice.

Asking questions and requesting actions is perfectly allowed. However, demanding a response or action from someone, is not.

2. No intent to harm

We define “no intent to harm” as the conscious discipline of calming the urge to do or escalate physical, emotional, or mental harm toward others.

Foul language in the context of expressing anger or blame toward others is not allowed.

Members are allotted “please stop points.” Organizers are allotted 40 points, Collaborators are allotted 20 points, and Eventgoers are allotted 2 points.

Any member may request messages from another member to stop. When the terms “{member} please stop” are used, a point is deducted from both the declaring member and the targeted member. 

When points reach “0,” the member’s messages are not accepted for 15 minutes.

3. No retribution

We define “no retribution” as the conscious forgiving of wrongs while actively adjusting privileges and abilities to help protect against further wrongs.

Apologies are always welcome. Removed privileges, however, cannot be reinstated.

If you have questions regarding these terms of use, please email us at support@kontomo.com

Kontomo reserves the right to update this policy at any time without notice.

4. Private information

Any identifying information voluntarily presented by the eventgoer is understood to be exchanged between the parties involved.

An email address provided by an eventgoer in contacting an organizer through the Stage is information exchanged with the organizer. While we encourage organizers to exercise and comply with policies in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Kontomo makes no warranties and cannot enforce that an organizer will follow GDPR.

Information provided in the chat is considered public.


Questions or comments related to this policy can be submitted by mail to Kontomo at Kontomo, Inc. 7 Rye Ridge Plaza #307, Rye brook, NY 10573-2822, USA or by email at support@kontomo.com